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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality,

to change something build a new model that makes

the existing model obsolete."

Buckminster Fuller

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What is Co-housing?

A community of private apartments supplemented by shared spaces. 

Co-housing balance.png

We will design and build democratic co-housing projects that freely provide shelter, energy, food and water through five key building spaces... 







Private en suite studio flats to rest, shower, cook or study + communal lounge areas...

Living Symbols.jpg


Hydroponic biomes for the continuous production of organic plant based foods.

Productive Symbols.jpg


A flexible, central space for town hall meetings, talks, dining, yoga, workshops and more!

Community Symbols.jpg


Humanitarian hubs for socially progressive projects, creative studios and communal desk space.

Creative Symbols.jpg


Waste to energy technology and bio-plastic labs producing raw material for in-house 3D printing.

Industrial Symbols.jpg

All Walks of Life

From the happily employed to the homeless, people from all walks of life will be eligible to apply for an appropriate contract length. 

If you're happily employed but would like some rent free weeks to help with debts or savings why not sublet your current room and enjoy our short stay programme...


If your job is unfulfilling and the cause of anxiety/depression, we have longer contracts that will give you the time you need to turn your life around... 


If you're struggling to make ends meet, out of work or even on the streets we will work with existing charities to accommodate you and help you get back on your feet...



Are you interested in community work, urban farming or architectural design?


We offer additional rooms for part-time volunteers who feel passionately about improving society and contributing to this active human rights movement.  


If you're interested in helping us out in any way, we have an array of opportunities for those who would like more involvement...


If you're interested in hydroponic production or simply learning about plant based foods and nutrition...

Urban Farmers

If you have design skills and would like to put them to good use by working on socially progressive architectural projects...




The following virtual tour of our hypothetical flagship shares our designs for the interior spaces we could collectively co-create. It's solely intended as a conceptual indication of what may be built and not necessarily what will be built. We cannot design for construction until our first plot of suburban land is secured.


For now, we can lend only our imagination and the visual essence of our autonomous co-housing - spaces that will fundamentally revolutionise society and assist in conceiving true freedom in the world.

"A house is a machine for
living in
Le Corbusier

This flagship project is but a seed for an architecture that will soon flower and flourish into entire towns and cities - an infrastructure that will truly liberate us all from compulsory labour for survival.

Our long-term mission is to reveal this masterplan as we all begin to come together and empower ourselves throughout this digital age of connection.


But before we get too carried away, we must first draw our attention towards proof of concept and the development of tangible, small scale flagship projects. Simple, suburban models that require little land yet reveal the spatial arrangements and technologies we need.


We hope you enjoy exploring our suburban abode for change.

Please click the play button below and use your mouse (desktop) or fingers (mobile) to zoom, look and walk through the building.

You'll find 'hotspots' and 'infospots' aplenty - both assisting the virtual tour and your understanding of the project. The lower right buttons activate full-screen and even teleportation! Enjoy : )

(for the best experience please use a desktop/laptop. We're currently trying to fix some issues on mobile.)

"The best way to predict

 the future is to create it."

Abraham Lincoln

Now that you've explored our hypothetical, suburban project, we'd love to hear your thoughts or ideas at hello@humanityconnective.com. 


If you feel inspired and would like to help, the best thing you can currently do is to simply let people know. Only once we've connected millions of people worldwide can we begin to make this a tangible reality for humanity.


We appreciate any help or assistance

in this quest for true freedom on earth.

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Towards a True Democracy...
Find out where our flagship building will be built and vote for the location of future projects!